Fantasy Expert

Over 35 years in this industry, Ron has pretty much seen it all. So, before those memories are lost to time, he has started writing a book that chronicles how the industry began and the people who became its first “experts.”¬†

Fantasy Expert follows the rocky road of competition and how it drove the growth of a new industry…

  • Bill James vs. Elias¬†
  • Rotisserie’s Founding Fathers vs. Fantasy
  • Ron Shandler vs. Alex Patton vs. John Benson
  • LABR vs. Tout Wars experts leagues
  • The old guard vs. the internet

Fantasy Expert is also a scrapbook of artifacts from the 1980s and 1990s, a marketing and editorial manual, a behind-the-scenes tell-all and a romance novel, all told through the warped semi-autobiographical lens of the author.

Okay, maybe not a romance novel.

Coming in late 2022! Sign up on home page for periodic excerpts.

Here’s one! Enjoy.